Jun 172013

Dive depth: 8 to 20 m

Es banc is one of the top dives in Formentera, and rightly so. As with El Arco and Punta Gavina, which are nearby, Es Banc is a dive site protected from currents and swell. What’s more, it’s one of the closest dive sites to the dive centre. It’s a pleasant, easy dive, ideal for beginners or your first dive of your holidays.

The shallowest dive takes place on a rocky platform at a depth of 10 metres. From there you can follow the cliff to a depth of around 20 metres.


On your dive at Es Banc you can enjoy many fish species typical to the Balearic Isles such as forkbeards, golden groupers, amberjacks and meagre. The numerous fissures and crevices in the rocks provide an ideal habitat for octopuses and sea crayfish. You may also spot some of the less commonly seen species, such as the John Dory or the flying gurnard. This recreational seascape has a fissure wide enough for divers to dive through. Large shoals of barracudas are commonly found.

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