Jun 172013

Dive depth: 5 to 25 meters

This dive site forms the extension of Es Banc and El Arco, and is located at a rocky tip northeast of Formentera. The dive consists of a tour of rock formations that lie at depths of between 5 and 20 metres. There is plenty of sea life at shallow depths, so it’s an ideal location for initiation dives, beginners or those who wish to refresh their dive techniques at the start of their holidays.


Octopuses are often found here, along with species common to the Mediterranean coastline, starfish, giant doris sea slugs, leopard sea slug, tubeworms, hervias and sea anemones. As with most rock formations, there are dense populations of blue damselfish, ornate wrasse, damselfish and red scorpionfish.


The seascape topology is varied, has many fissures and other nooks for many fish and other species common to Mediterranean coastal waters. The dive at Punta Gavina is known for its vertical sea cliff, which plunges to depths of 20 metres and forms an immense vertical wall. At the foot of the cliff lies a sandy seabed at a depth of 30 metres. From there you can access a cave inhabited by a conger eel and enjoy many other species such as cardinalfish,lobsers,common cuttlefish ,meagres, forkbeards, and also prawns.



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