Jun 172013

Dive depth: 10 to 25m

This dive site is located within the Es Vedrà Natural Park, which is famous for the Island of Es Vedrà, with one of the most spectacular landscapes in the Balearic Islands.


At the foot of the Isle of d’Es Vedrá lies an amazing seascape of sheer walled, narrow canyons. You’ll feel like you’re flying while diving among such precipitous rocks!


The canyons provide refuge of a varied ecosystem of sea sponges, anemones, tube worms, starfish and seaweeds. The canyon walls are colonised by numerous species. We recommend that divers take a dive lamp to enjoy the true colours put on show by this profusion of sea life.




With three canyons to enjoy, this spectacular dive takes place at a depth of around 20 metros. It is, without doubt, one of the best dive sites in Ibiza.

Guido and Sergi



The trip between Formentera and Ibiza, with the majestic island of Es Vedrá in full view, is an unforgettable moment through one of the best sites in the Balearic Islands. You may even be lucky enough to see some dolphins!


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