Jun 172013

Dive depth: 12m

The Guillem caves—a spectacular site in shallow waters—is a fantastic dive, especially for divers with limited experience. It’s possibly one of the most popular dives for those with Level 1 or Open Water Diver certification and one where you can dive in a cave system in complete safety. The caves are located at Punta Rasa, to the east of Formentera, a 15-minute boat trip from La Savina.


The first cave can be accessed from a depth of 10 metres and, with its wide entrance, is easy for divers to enter. What’s more, it’s orientated in such a way that lots of natural light enters, which not only helps diving but gives a sense of security. The cave does have some dark nooks that provide an ideal habitat for fish species that prefer the gloom, such as brown meagres and forkbeards.

Die Höhlen Guillem

Always with natural light, you can dive to an air chamber where you can enjoy the unique sight of an immense cave at sea level: here the golden colour of the rock and the turquoise light streams though cave entrance and delves below the surface, lighting up the chamber like a swimming pool lit up at night. The scenery seems “airbrushed”, with the colours appearing unusually vibrant. The cave’s blue seems straight out of a postcard!!

Die Höhlen

Those who have dived the Guillem caves never forget the outstanding scenery, a dive that is like something between diving and caving. This is one of the dives most requested by those that know about it.


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