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Dive depth: 12 to 33m

The marine platform was a floating fish farm for gilt-head seabream. This huge metallic structure even had huts for the workers to rest in.


A monument to the economic boom, it was abandoned even before the arrival of the crisis and was finally sunk in 1996 in the crystal-clear waters of Formentera just off the island of Espardell, for the enjoyment of diving enthusiasts. The structure’s size is a reflection of the era of economic bubbles but these days it conjures up an underwater seascape from a science fiction novel, and the only bubbles to be seen are those of divers.

Platform Marine

The platform lies at a tilt on a sandy seabed at a maximum depth of 33 metres. It provides a unique refuge for the Mediterranean marine ecosystem, enjoying great biodiversity and a large variety of fish species. As with all artificial habitats, the platform is densely populated. Morays, conger eels, lobsters, crayfish, amberjacks, barracudas, groupers, dentex. It’s also not uncommon to find huge shoals of barracudas marauding around the platform.


The Platform offers a unique environment for underwater photography. The dive takes place at between 12 and 30 metres, so only divers with an appropriate level 2 diving qualification CMAS or Advanced can take part.

Plataform Mariane


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