A diver’s paradise


Dives for all levels

The club, surrounded by the best dive sites in Formentera, is ideally located, with a wide variety of dives sites within a 15-minute boat ride: Punta Pedrera, Es Banc and El Arco. These sheltered sites, in the Freus Marine Reserve, are ideal for beginners as a lot of marine life can be found at shallow depths.

We also have more technical, deeper dives for qualified divers. The waters around Formentera offer a variety of seascapes: the Es Banc cliffs,Punta Prima, the Es Vedra canyons, the Guillem caves, and many gorgonian walls. There are also three wrecks – the Hermanos Florit, the Don Pedro, the Joker and the famous Mariana Platform….and more.

Don Pedro Ibiza

Crystal clear waters

The white beaches and turquoise sea seem to belong more to the tropics than the Mediterranean.

So, why are the waters around Formentera the clearest in the Mediterranean?


The Ses Savines Natural Park, located between Formentera and Ibiza, is unsurpassed in terms of its crystal clear waters. White beaches, shallowness and lack of shade means that the waters off Formentera receive an unusually high level of natural light, which has allowed immense meadows of genetically stable Neptune grass to thrive for the last 1000 centuries. This Posidonia meadow, a UNESCO world heritage site, produces an excess of oxygen, which in turn increases the natural filtration of the water. This is how the brilliant sunshine organically generates exceptionally clear water and allows us to enjoy visibilities of up to 50 metres.

Platform Mariana

The extensive shallow waters and abundant sunlight not only contribute to the purity of the water but also mean that the sea temperature is mild, making it ideal not only for swimming but for diving. The surface temperature of coastal waters is around 30 degrees in summer and about 15 degrees in winter.

For the quality and cleanliness of its waters, the areas around Formentera and Ibiza are considered some of the best in the Mediterranean for diving, along with those of Mallorca, the Medas Isles, Corsica, Sardinia, Malta and Corfu.

In Formentera you will see the Mediterranean as you have never seen it before!